Out Now: Arca – Kick Compilation

Arca has released Kick, a fan-voted ‘best of’ compilation featuring tracks from the previously released five-album KICK series. An additional five track bonus selection includes three brand new songs (‘Alto Voltaje’, ‘Ritual’ and ‘Sentient Savior’) plus two previously released songs (‘Cayó’ and ‘El Alma Que Te Trajo’), all produced during the original KICK cycle recording sessions, with each track representing a different era in the five-album series. ‘El Alma Que TeTrajo’ is a collaboration with Safety Trance a.k.a. Cardopusher, who is a key collaborator on KiCk i tracks ‘KLK’, ‘Prada’, and ‘Rakata’ and ‘Cayó’ includes production from Tim Hecker.

To celebrate the anniversary of the release of the KICK series Arca asked her fans, via hermutants1000000 Discord channel, to create the definitive Kick compilation. The contest received thousands of submissions from her fanbase, the “Mutants,” with the final tracklist representing her fanbases’ favourite songs from the entire five-album KICK series.

Listen to Kick here.

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