Out now: Dorsal Fins – Star of the Show

‘Stick of Sage (S.O.S.)’ is yet another taste from Dorsal Fins’ glorious sonic return, Star of the Show out now via Dot Dash.

This year’s best feel-good song about a well-loved self-enlightenment product: ‘Stick of Sage (S.O.S)’ is a cleansing journey through spooky harpsichords & organs, a fantasy of rippling castanets, orchestral flourishes to a groovy beat. Penned by co-lead vocalist Jarrad Brown, the song speaks to our own obsessions with self-help, wellness and self- improvement.

Star of the Show is the group’s first record in six years, peeling back from a cast of nine mates to a record made by the band’s songwriting trinity – Liam McGorry, and co-vocalists Ella Thompson & Jarrad Brown. A reimagining that spanned a year of Sundays, Star of the Show allows their funky, soulful roots to come through and collide with some “more jangly” flavours in true eclectic ‘Fins form. The self-referential album title Star of the Show is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the truly collaborative nature of the record. “In some ways Star of the Show is sort of an ironic title because it actually has been the most collective thing we’ve ever done,” explains McGorry. “When you’re collaborating, you never really know how it’s going to go. You each have your own influences, but on this record, we just had a bit more space,” adds Brown.

Each of them a prolific songwriter in their own right, McGorry (Ex-Olympian, Saskwatch), Thompson (GL) and Brown (Eagle and the Worm), decided to bring their best ideas to the studio and hold nothing back. On this record, the trio, together with producer and friend John Castle, have distilled the chemistry that sits at the cetacean core of Dorsal Fins, to create a sonic escape that any heartsick or euphoric music lover can swim right into.

Listen / purchase Star of the Show here.

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