Out now: Goat Girl – Goat Girl

Goat Girl today release their self-titled debut album. Produced by Dan Carey in his South London studio, it’s a very English album but it’s also full of swampy swaggering guitars and Lottie’s filthy drawl.

In the groups words: “Simply put, it’s an album that comes from growing up in London and the first-hand experience of our city’s devolution. We wanted to think of it as this place seen not necessarily just through our eyes, but someone who can’t get past the abnormalities and strange happenings that exist in our city. We think this gives the freedom lyrically and musically to explore unspoken truths and emotions that we all as humans feel.”

Goat Girl succeeds in conjuring a complete world all unto itself, arranged in segments – divided by improvised interludes – that offer glimpses of an even stranger parallel universe. With each song acting as its own story of sorts that features different settings and characters, listeners are transported there within.

Goat Girl is altogether an album crafted with intention, and invites imaginations to run wild; it draws listeners in to its half-fantasy world from the slow fade, eerie instrumental intro ‘Salty Sounds’, to the gorgeous, unsettling closer ‘Tomorrow’ – a rendition of the song featured in Bugsy Malone – which ends with dawn-chorus birds and the feeling of new possibilities after a long and messy night.

Stream / purchase Goat Girlhttps://goatgirl.lnk.to/album

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