Out Now: Huntly – Low Grade Buzz

Melbourne trio Huntly have released their debut album Low Grade Buzz, a beautifully constructed and deeply personal record. Out now via Barely Dressed. Listen here.

Drawing lines between all spectrums of RnB and electronica, its an album that engages the heart as much as it does the body. Hear it live in Sydney and Melbourne in May.

From Huntly:

“Low Grade Buzz is that feeling you get on a Sunday night if you’ve spent all weekend with people, connecting or trying to connect, watching, laughing, moving and breathing in public. And then the weekend is over and you’re alone in your privacy, thinking about who you are and what time is, and whether you are doing it right. It’s the feeling when your eyes close down, when you think about how you’ve hurt people, or how they’ve hurt you. Or how you are going to be a better person for the week ahead. It’s grief and sadness, but it’s also celebration and remembering what it means to be alive. Sometimes Sundays are the loneliest stretch and you don’t get out of bed and you think you’ll be there staring at the wall forever. Other times, you change your sheets and feed yourself, prepare for the week ahead and tell yourself you’re going to be ok. Low Grade Buzz is trying to capture that feeling.”

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