Out now: John Barera & Will Martin – Proceed To The Root

John Barera & Will Martin’s second collaborative album Proceed To The Root is out now. Listen to the pair’s third track debuted a week from release, ‘Berlin By Candlelight’, below! It was produced during a blackout in Berlin.

Proceed To The Root is a tough collection of Techno & House styles that collide with Soulful electronics, touches of Dub and Jungle. The album is finely crafted, sculptural, storytelling, no-nonsense club music.

John Barera and Will Martin’s musical partnership grew out of a close friendship. Their chemistry with production and DJ’ing has been honed through many years of working, and sometimes living, together.

The recording process for Proceed to the Root started almost immediately after their first album Graceless came out. They knew they wanted to do another album together and started writing for the next one right away. Although they’ve released a couple EPs since the album, all of those records had been recorded before it came out. So Proceed to the Root is really the beginning of the next chapter for them and their music.

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