Out Now: Kosaya Gora – Kosogor

Kosaya Gora (English translation; Oblique Mountain), a new indie/experimental project from acclaimed electronic producer/singer Kedr Livanskiy and experimental producer/visual artist Flaty, have released their first full-length album Kosogor today. Kosaya Gora is an entirely new sonic direction for them both. The debut is a multilingual foray into guitar-based folk, ethereal pop, and moody synth, underpinned by Livanskiy’s signature hypnotic vocals.

The two recorded Kosogor in a mobile studio which they took through remote villages in their native Russia. “In one place, there was nothing but a forest, a cemetery and [a] ruined church,” Livanskiy remembers. “The wooden house we lived in was 120 years old, and this spirit is imprinted in some songs.” 

Kosogor contains echoes of ‘60s psychedelic folk, underground rock, country, DIY and experimental electronica tapes, ‘00s and ‘90s indie and trip hop, dub, and more. Though these touchpoints may be new to fans of both artists’ solo work, they’re deeply familiar to Livanskiy and Flaty themselves, echoes of their youths spent traversing Russia’s underground music scenes. It makes sense, then, that a free-spirited approach to music-making would naturally resurface these familiar sounds. 

Stream / Download Kosogor here.

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