Out now: Lewis Goldmark – Cut And Flash

As Lewis Goldmark, Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring) takes on a new outlook and musical direction that still pays homage to the core influences that have informed his music over the years. Now however, it all comes together with a syringe injection of pop chaos – echoes of 80’s Australian indie, dreamy 70’s Californian rock, and 90’s Britpop amongst other sounds.

The new album Cut And Flash is a consummate calling card from Judson, a distillation of his influences –from baroque pop to art-rock, dream-pop to the austere and fascinating avant garde side of new wave. There’s an 80s patina to the sound of Cut And Flash, but not of the chart pop variety. Instead it’s the forward thinking art-pop auteurs that echo in Lewis Goldmark’s songs with such beauty and authenticity.

Lewis shares “The goal was to paint pictures using words and tone colours – lots of dark, warm moods created through synth and strings along with glowing, or sparkling sounds to offset that texture like distant city lights”

Stream / download Cut And Flash here.

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