Out now: Perfume Genius – Ugly Season

Perfume Genius releases his new album, Ugly Season. To coincide with the release of the albumPerfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) teamed with renowned visual artist Jacolby Satterwhite for a 30 minute film featuring Hadreas and the music of Ugly Season. Watch below!

Ugly Season bookends a two-year period of intense creativity from Perfume Genius, which includes the full-length Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, that album’s remixed counterpart Immediately, the dance piece, and the subsequent film collaboration with Satterwhite. It is a stand-alone record, but it encompasses the mood, sweep, and moment of these works. It began within a physically and intimate space, but has since taken up residence in digital-unreality. Where it’s going is different than where it started.

Stream / purchase Ugly Season here.

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