Out now: Steve Gunn – The Unseen In Between

Steve Gunn today releases his breakthrough fourth album, The Unseen In Between, out now.

On The Unseen In Between, Gunn explores his own emotional landscapes with his most complex, fully realised songs to date. Produced by frequent collaborator James Elkington and engineered by Daniel Schlett, the immaculately recorded Unseen forces a reassessment of Gunn’s standing in the pantheon of the era’s great songwriters.

Getting to The Unseen In Between itself was not easy for Gunn. In 2016, he released Eyes On The Lines. It should have been a triumphant moment, but exactly two weeks later, Gunn’s father and namesake died following a two-year struggle with cancer. During his sickness, he and his son had connected as never before, they became not father and son but real friends.

The Unseen In Between is a gorgeously empathetic record that attempts to recognise the worries of the world and offer some timely assurance. It is a revelatory and redemptive set, offering the balm of understanding at a time when that seems in very short supply.

Listen / purchase The Unseen In Between here.

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