Out Now: Tama Gucci – Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe)

Tama Gucci aka Kymani Floyd, shares Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe). His latest project features remixes of several tracks originally found on his Almost Blue EP. The project also includes a cover of the Britney Spears classic ‘Toxic,’ check out the accompanying video directed by Jonathan Qualtere below!
The ‘Toxic’ video was imagined as an intimate companion piece to ‘Challenge’ and shares the same premise: Tama Gucci totally embodies the sense of being young, hot, fun and free. “The authenticity and self love he exudes and attracts breeds a community that is dynamic and loving, and, since we’re from New York, it obviously looks kinda filthy and extremely sexy,” notes Qualtere.

Stream / purchase Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe) here.

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