Out now: The Finks – Rolly Nice

The Finks release their new album Rolly Nice. The Finks play the songs of Oliver Mestitz. They are sincere but flippant, intimate but aloof, thoughtful but careless.

Oliver records everything in his Melbourne home, mostly alone, layering instrument upon instrument and mixing each song straight to tape. Each recording by The Finks hums with the quiet reverie and melancholy of weekday afternoons, when the suburbs lie in wait and the house is at its emptiest.

Their new record Rolly Nice is a handful of objects, an album of contrasts. It includes sketches for solo piano, a guitar-led instrumental in ‘La Chose’ and a monologue set to music in ‘Charlie’s Manifesto’. Lyrically, ‘Thankful’ and ‘Peter Out’ have the brevity of poems, while ‘Body Language’ and ‘When What Changed Us Changed Us’ take on the complexity and intimacy of other lives lived.

No Finks release would be complete without Sarah Farquharson, who sings, plays cello and reads on Rolly Nice. The album also includes vocals and guitar by Jake Core (Soda Eaves). It was mixed by Oliver at home and mastered in Rye with Mikey Young.

Rolly Nice is a patient, wilful and poignantly imperfect album. Each physical copy comes with a booklet featuring lyrics, collages and micro-poems by Oliver.

Stream / purchase Rolly Nicehttps://thefinks.lnk.to/RollyNice

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