Pantha Du Prince new video for ‘In An Open Space’

Pantha Du Prince has shared a new video for ‘In An Open Space’ ahead of the release of his anticipated album The Triad out tomorrow via Rough Trade / Remote Control. It is the first Pantha Du Prince solo album since 2010’s breakout Black Noise.

When Pantha Du Prince’s Hendrik Weber set about to make his new album The Triad he deliberately aimed to “open the structure to more human ways of interacting.” The human voice figures heavily on the album, moreso than ever before, and in his new video for ‘In An Open Space,’ that power of connectivity is explored even more explicitly.

The trio that appears throughout the record, Weber, Scott Mou (Queens), and Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg (Bell Laboratory), appears in the ‘In An Open Space’ video both with the ghostly masks that made their first appearance in the video for ‘The Winter Hymn’ as well as unmasked, revealing not only the humanity that lies just underneath but the unique personalities that shine through throughout the album and the song. The song begins with analog synth creaks and groans that grow into one of the most joyful melodies that Weber has ever put to record. Here we see two sides of The Triad – the ritualistic and symbolic as well as the playful and deeply human.

Mou explained the making of the video: “It was important for us this time to show more of how we interact with each other. The cameraman (Cedric Retzmann) did a great job of shooting the planned scenes as well as capturing us candidly when we weren’t looking/’acting.’ He showed us as we are with each other: basically that we know and like each other! We wanted to interact with each other and the space in a more natural way an hey did a great job of making that happen.”

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