Richard Cuthbert releases new album Daydreaming

Hugely respected for his pop melodies and energy, Sydney singer-songwriter Richard Cuthbert has released his third full-length album Daydreaming – a direct line to the heart of Richard’s songwriting. It’s pure and unfettered in the way everyday life is framed and conveyed via his matter-of-fact and poetic lyrics. There’s also a lush simplicity to the way that guitar lines unfurl, as they do on the title-track and right across the album. The trio format is the perfect vehicle for delivering those rock ‘n’ roll essentials of rhythm and melody.

“I wrote most of the album from my second storey room in Newtown overlooking the section of north King Street in between Stephen Street and Missenden Road.”

Teaming up again with long-time collaborators, Joe Driver on drums (Australia the Band) and Joe Muller on bass (Richard in Your Mind) Cuthbert recorded his third full-length album at Sydney’s Linear Studios with Nick Franklin recording, producing, mixing and mastering (Peking Duck, Polish Club, Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys).

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