Rozzma releases Khatar Sayeb EP

Rozzma releases the Khatar Sayeb EP, the artist’s first release for XL Recordings. He celebrates the release with a brand-new video for ‘Gheirek’, directed by the artist himself for one of the standout tracks from the EP.

Rozzma is an Egyptian sound artist inspired by the era where sound preceded music – he finds inspiration in the similarities between the wilderness of prehistoric times and modern- day chaos. Having already performed his particular strain of music across the world and at festivals like Sonar and Unsound, Rozzma releases Khatar Sayeb EP.

The EP’s title Khatar Sayeb means ‘loose danger’. “The release challenges the idea that danger and fear are uncontrollable circumstances,” explains Rozzma. “We cannot fully diminish fear or danger. We can only condition ourselves to believe that safety exists during the absence of fear. It is however more dangerous to deny the uncertainty of danger itself. Danger is a very broad state with infinite circumstances. But it is also infinitely uncertain and mainly linked to luck. We do not control our luck; good or bad. And it is solely luck that dictates danger and safety. It is for that reason that one’s best chances may be to condition themselves to find comfort in danger. Loose danger to be specific.”

Stream the Khatar Sayeb EP now. 

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