Sleaford Mods new video ‘Second’ out now

Second‘ is from the Sleaford Mods‘ upcoming retrospective, All That Glue, out Friday 15 May.

The video was directed by Robin Lee and features Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones) and Emma Stansfield (Skins, The Tudors).

As described by Rolling Stone “In the Robin Lee-directed clip, two actresses (Kate Dickie and Emma Stansfield) portray Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn in the Mods’ early days when they frequently played pubs. The women are pitch-perfect, down to Williamson’s Fred Perry polo shirt and Fearn’s omnipresent beer. The electronic duo is known for their unorthodox stage setup — Fearn turns on the beats and shuffles in place while Williamson loses it. The actresses do just that in the video, which ends with the pair giving the real Mods the proverbial finger.”

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