Smerz release ‘I don’t talk about that much’ & ‘Hva hvis’

Norwegian duo Smerz release ‘I don’t talk about that much‘ and ‘Hva hvis‘ together in a visual that’s both enchanting and bizarre. Following the recent release of the Believer trailer that featured ‘The favourite‘ and ‘Rap interlude‘, the visuals released today traverse as many varied influences as the duo’s music.

Smerz, who are Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg, star in the video, which shows the Norwegian folk tradition Hallingdansen, a communal dance centred on polyrhythms. Explored through minimalist staging inspired by Lars von Trier’s Dogville, the video encourages your imagination to fill in an entire set of visual associations around a few simple outlines on the stage. “The stage and the actions have a kind of dreamlike state to them where not everything is completely filled out, but hopefully there’s this glimpse into a world and a bigger narrative,” Stoltenberg says.

Stream ‘I don’t think about that much’ & ‘Hva hvis.’

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