Spencer. releases new single ‘MyLuv’

Spencer. has released a second single from his forthcoming debut album, Are U Down? – out September 10 via 4AD / Remote Control Records. ‘MyLuv’ was born from a night of smoking and playing Super Smash Bros. and is a simple ode to his girlfriend. Spencer. says, “I made this song in the morning which is super rare for me. I realised I didn’t have any trumpet on the album and had been picking that up again. This is like a celebration of my love so the trumpet felt perfect for that. Those are the same drums used on my Want U Back EP which was really fun to revisit. ‘MyLuv’ is slowly becoming one of my favourites because of how fun it is to play and how immediate it is.”

The official video for ‘MyLuv’ was created by Matthew Klahn and filmed in just two hours along New York’s Williamsburg Bridge. “I think this is my favourite video I’ve made,” Spencer. writes. “The cool thing about filming in New York is people get really excited about the camera. I thought people were gonna hate us.” 

‘MyLuv’ follows the release of ‘Lonely As I Ever Was’, both singles that will feature on Are U Down?, the debut full-length album from New York musician and producer Spencer Miles Abraham Allen, the brains behind Spencer. Written, recorded and produced by Spencer. during the pandemic, its 11 songs blend R&B, hip-hop, funk, indie, pop, jazz and soul to create a sound that feels both analogue and digital, and heralds the past whilst staying firmly in the present. Featuring 4AD labelmate Becky and the Birds (vocals on ‘After The Show’), Luke Diamond (guitars) and Jake Aron (some additional production), Spencer. has integrated neo-soul vocal fireworks, hip-hop flow and pop ambition into an album steeped in all the feels of a New York summer.

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