Steve Gunn releases new EP Livin’ In Between

Ever since Steve Gunn released his critically acclaimed fourth studio album Unseen In Between and follow-up Unseen Acoustic in 2019, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a new collection of songs from the prolific songwriter and guitarist.

Happy to report that Steve Gunn has a new EP out titled Livin’ In Between featuring three cover songs released last year exclusively as an Amazon Original and ‘Aquarium Drunkard Lagniappe Session’ singles respectively, that will now be available on all streaming platforms for the first time.

The EP showcases Steve’s varied musical tastes, featuring a gorgeous rendition of Neil Young’s ‘Motion Pictures (For Carrie)’, a thoughtful take on longtime collaborator Michael Chapman’s ‘Among The Trees’, and a shocking cover of The Misfits’ ‘Astro Zombies’ that brings the somber poetry obscured by the brashness of the original tune into sharp relief.

Stream Livin’ In Between here.

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