The Black Seeds release ‘Let the Sunshine Through’

The Black Seeds are an eight-piece band whose origins lie in the windy hills of Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington). The group have crafted their own brand of South Pacific Soul, skillfully blending the deep grooves of reggae, funk, afrobeat and dub into an undeniably infectious mix that has embedded itself in Aotearoa’s collective consciousness. The band continues to headline festivals, alight and delight audiences across the globe and push the creative boundaries of the Aotearoa roots sound or (movement).

The group have released their second single off their forthcoming seventh studio album: ‘Let the Sunshine Through‘ – out via Remote Control Records. Described by lead singer and songwriter Barnaby Weir as “a bitter sweet love song,” ‘Let The Sunshine Through’ presents a positive take on a turbulent time. 

Weir explains that “I wrote this song just pre-Covid lockdown in New Zealand and worked on it during the first lockdown just after having had my first child, which was quite complicated and stressful.”

“‘Let The Sunshine Through’ is about finding hope in a fraught scenario. There was something about the key that it is in and the melodies of the song, they are emotional but in a positive way.”

Stream / Download The Black Seeds – ‘Let the Sunshine Through’

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