This Is The Kit share new track and live video ‘Was Magician’

This is The Kit have shared new single ‘Was Magician‘ alongside a live performance video. The single comes from her upcoming album Off Off On, out on Rough Trade Recordson October 23rd, 2020. The video was recorded and filmed by Lyon Sound and Vision at L’Epicerie Morderne in France and remotely directed from NYC by Marisa Gesualdi.

‘Was Magician’ is both a wander through the books of author Ursula K. Le Guin and a meditation on the gifts and powers that people have, and what happens when they are underestimated. This Is The Kit’s Kate Stables explains, “Often it’s children who have underestimated powers. They have an understanding and wisdom about things that we think beyond their abilities, they are often leaps and bounds ahead of the ‘adults’. People like Greta Thunberg – the young people who we have borrowed the earth from and who we have to give it back to, and hope that they will take better care of it than we have.”

Preorder Off Off On here. 

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