Wade Jackson announces Sensationalized

Broken Stone Records are pleased to announce Wade Jackson has joined their roster and will release his new album Sensationalized on Friday 4 December. Wade releases new single ‘Nightlife‘ ahead of the album.

As Wade says of the single “I wrote and recorded Nightlife during the Coronavirus lockdown in Sydney. The view of the empty streets from my apartment window, particularly in the night, made me imagine a dystopian city that had been taken over by witches. The witches slept in nightclubs during the day and musicians must call/summon these witches at dusk by playing music that they enjoy to bring them out of their slumber and leave the clubs in good moods. If the music is to their liking, it would make them levitate and dance in the night sky whilst giving off rich-red, silky light flashes. I wanted the outro guitar solo to represent the witch dancing in the sky.”

Stream ‘Nightlife’

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