Watch – ABRA ‘Pull Up’

Atlanta’s own “Darkwave Duchess,” ABRA, has released the new video for ‘Pull Up,’ taken from her PRINCESS EP out now. Watch the video below.

In the self-directed, self-edited video, ABRA stars alongside her BFF on a typical night out in NYC…Drinking 40s, going to Chinatown, racking stacks of cash, and ATV racing, complete with Scream masks and late-night tattoo appointments. Filmed on-location with support from the FADER, ABRA says, “Shout out to A$AP Tyy for bringing the boys out, and showing us a good time.”

In the same way ABRA exercised near complete creative control with the ‘Pull Up’ video, so too did she with her PRINCESS EP. With every note written, produced, and performed by ABRA, often in the solitude of her bedroom closet. After a year spent alternating between the mania of worldwide touring and self-imposed recording isolation, PRINCESS is a bold new step for an artist who is growing more accomplished every day. Never compromising on her vision or artistic process, she has moulded her surroundings into her strict aesthetic and vision. No longer a lone outlier, she is a leader and lightning rod for a world of fellow outsiders. Check out ticket info to Pitch Music & Arts Festival below, ABRA will be playing it next year.

Buy/Stream Princess EP here.

ABRA – Live

Pitch Music Festival 
10-13 March, 2017, Victoria – Location TBA

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