Watch: Banoffee – ‘Bubble’

After performing in Charli XCX’s band across the global Taylor Swift Reputation tour and curating three sold out Australian parties with Charli XCX, Melbourne-born, LA-based multidisciplinary artist Banoffee releases her new single ‘Bubble’. Watch the accompanying video below!

‘Bubble’ exemplifies Banoffee’s unique style of subversive electronica-pop. Banoffee explains the meaning behind the single:

“Bubble is my combat to bullies. It’s for the underdogs when they lose sight of their power. Being different, being unheard or unseen is so dispiriting. I hope in those moments something like this song is a little pick me up. There’s power in difference. Don’t mistake vulnerability as weakness. What a typical doozy we all make.

I made the video to this song in my hotel room in Dallas. It was a funny week because I’d always imagined a big budget clip for this song. But without the funds or means to do anything accept something on the road, I came to the realisation what we put together was perfect.

I don’t claim to represent everyone I hope this song can reach out to. The video is limited to the cast I had on hand which were my friends. But in all their beauty and pure love for the project we made something which shows who we are very clearly. The Dallas party we threw that night was full of such amazing strong characters, all unique and proud of their identities. I asked them to sing this with me, and with them helping me along I think we made something really special. You can see that by the goofy smile on my face the whole way through.

No lights, not make up, just us dancing in a pub, sitting on the toilet, jumping on our beds and singing to each other the lines I know I wish someone had sung to me at times when I thought I was a complete loser.

I hope you like this song, it’s for you.”

This is her first batch of work that looks outside of self. The songs remain dark, but instead of wallowing in dread, they seek to inspire contentment. Banoffee is interested in the future of a more hyper textualised vein of pop, one that pushes its listeners outside of their comfort zone.

Listen / purchase ‘Bubble’:


Tuesday 1st January – The First NYD Festival
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

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