Watch: Belle and Sebastian – ‘A Bit Of Previous’

It’s not common practice to have an album’s title track released after said album as a standalone single, but Belle and Sebastian aren’t sticklers for ceremony. The band have released a new single and video ‘A Bit Of Previous‘, which shares the title of their critically acclaimed 9th  full-length released in May to become their third UK Top Ten charting album. 
Explained alternately as an allusion to the concept of reincarnation in Buddhism and a passing reference to a past romantic relationship by a band member’s father – in either instance, ‘A Bit Of Previous’ touches on how the past can give fresh perspective to our present via dark and jangly upbeat pop that is melancholy as it is purposeful and is another piece in the rich tapestry of Belle and Sebastian’s latest era.
The hand drawn video was directed and illustrated by long time band collaborator Graham Samuels and Henrik Appel, following a concept by frontman Stuart Murdoch. “The song touched on the themes of karma and reincarnation,” says Murdoch. “In the clip a woman journeys through her life ‘seeing’ people’s karma. She sees what they are and what they will become. She sees people who are doing well, who are gods in this life. ‘Just because you’ve got the highground / Doesn’t mean you’re having the most fun’. She imagines them transform into different life forms, even into walking ghosts. Conversely, she sees some who are destitute and alone. She sees them transforming into enlightened people. Finally, she imagines her own future, shrouded in cloud and mystery.” Watch below!

Listen / purchase ‘A Bit Of Previous’ here.

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