Watch: caroline ‘IWR (Live in Jena)’

Much hyped London-based eight piece caroline share a live video for their song ‘IWR’, recorded at Trafo in Jena, Germany this April. Watch below!

“After we finished playing at Trafo in Jena in April, they asked if we wanted to quickly record a live version of one of our songs before packing down our gear,” caroline explain of how the new video for ‘IWR’ came to be.

“Trafco is an old power station which is now used for shows and exhibitions. One half is a sort of lecture theatre and the other half (where we played) is where they used to keep the generators. It’s a unique space with this strange glass wall dividing the two halves, and a sort of glass booth in the middle. We decided to record a version of ‘IWR’ as the song had felt good to play that night. We cut that footage with offcuts from the original ‘IWR’ music video that we released last year as well as other footage taken on tour in the UK and EU this spring. We hope you enjoy it.”

Stream / purchase caroline here.

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