Watch: Drahla – Lip Sync

Leeds-formed art-rock outfit Drahla returned last year with the contorted thrill of ‘Under The Glass’, their surprise first new material since an acclaimed debut LP Useless Coordinates and a cover of Psychic TV’s ‘Godstar’ landed in 2019.

The band share a further new track with the alluring skronk and post-punk elasticity of ‘Lip Sync’. Paired to a video filmed, edited and directed by the band’s own Luciel Brown and Rob Riggs and inspired by the American mixed-media artist Bruce Nauman’s 1969 visual piece of the same name, the band had the following to say about their new single: “Lip Sync is an autobiographical account of self deflection. It explores the idea of syncing to social norms, conversation and expressions to converse without being fully present – taking on a converged guise to fit different interactions.

Stream / Purchase ‘Lip Sync’ here.

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