Watch: Evelyn Ida Morris – ‘Darwin Heat’

Evelyn Ida Morris has shared a new video directed by Julia Suddenly for ‘Darwin Heat’, from their newly released self-titled album. Watch below!

Evelyn shares – When Julia pitched the idea of a naked body filmed in the murky waters of a river it resonated with me so clearly that I insisted on being that body. I am a big fan of using artworks as experiences, and the challenge of letting go of fear of the male gaze and the feeling that others will judge my body or see my body as ‘woman’ – rather than a non binary person – felt very much like one that would change me.

All the clips for this album are about bodies – ‘The Body Appears’ was about watching another person’s body and understanding my own through observing theirs. This one is about attempting to demonstrate how I understand my own body. The light rippling through water beautifully replicates feeling sensations rather than being just an object to be seen by others. The cloudiness and claustrophobic nature of the water also seems to comment on the ways in which it is often hard to connect to my body. It feels as though the viewer is searching, like I often feel I am, for a sense of what shape the body is.

Although Evelyn Ida Morris is a departure from the looping pop of Pikelet, for Evelyn it feels very familiar. “The piano stuff is more to do with a practice I’ve had since I was really little, that feels like it’s grown up inside me without the influence – or conscious influence – of other artists. It just feels like it’s always been there.”

These new works are lush, postclassical compositions that deal with the experience of being non-binary and making sense of that experience. It is about the way living outside the gender binary is not one thing but everything: it shapes all encounters with the world and its structures.

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