Watch: Gena Rose Bruce – Lighting Up

Swiftly following up her acclaimed sophomore album, Gena presents brand new single ‘Lighting Up’. Thoughtful and powerful vocals are the centrepiece of this mesmerising track that sees the songwriter at her most vulnerable and intense.

For a long time I would just suppress how I was feeling and would give off the fake ‘I don’t care about anything’ vibe” says Gena. “But I came to a point where I was just numb. You stop the pain, you stop the joy. Lighting up is about facing reality and being honest with your feelings and choosing to walk in the light and let love in.” The single is arriving as part of a forthcoming EP, details of which will be announced soon.

‘Lighting Up’ comes accompanied by a breathtaking performance video, where Gena’s voice is accompanied by solo dulcet piano tones.

Stream / Purchase ‘Lighting Up’ here.

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