Watch – John Moreland ‘It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before)’

John Moreland has released a video for ‘It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before)’. Taken from his upcoming fourth studio album Big Bad Luv, out on 5th May. Watch the clip below.

Serving as much as a document of John’s life on the road as a snapshot of the US southern states, the video was created by Sterlin Harjo. A fellow Oklahoma native, he has watched Moreland’s audience grow over the years, and here he tracks moments with John as he takes his live show through Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvannia and Ohio.

“I grew up in rural Oklahoma so country music was just a part of our life – I learned to two-step at a barn dance the same night I tried moonshine for the first time,” says Harjo. “Nothing annoys me more than country music artists who try to be something they aren’t. That’s what is so great about John’s music: he’s real. He’s not bullshitting you and it’s coming from the gut. That’s the same approach I wanted to take with the music video. I wanted to be real because the bad version of this video (or any country music video) is to try to play up the back roads, beer, and BBQ element. And yeah, in the country we have back roads, beer and BBQ, but there’s much more to it… that’s not what makes it beautiful. We also have cities, taco shacks, tattoos, and we drink LaCroix. The video was also an opportunity to give folks a more intimate glimpse into John’s life, and that’s something that people don’t really get to see.”

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