Watch: Lina Tullgren – ‘Always Fine’

Following the release of her 2017 debut album Won, Lina Tullgren returns to share brand new track ‘Always Fine’ – a collaboration with producer and friend, NTHNL. Watch the accompanying animated video created by Shane Beam below!

The collaboration with NTHNL, their process and its impending products occurred by chance and without much discussion. They had met at a show, and through the mysterious graces of the internet started work on‘Always Fine’.

NTHNL created the sonic structures with few basic song parameters, and Tullgren wrote the lyrics and melody based on a feeling of being at a party alone, where something feels wrong. The feeling cannot be placed: you cannot locate the source, but live inside the overarching surface feeling.

Songwriting, like anything, is a process. In the modern world, songs exist inside of social constructs, but in actuality, music is not hierarchical. Songs are fluid and by creating music of this persuasion, ‘Always Fine’ does not find Tullgren branching out so much as continuing a narrative that was already predetermined.

“At the end of the day, it’s all music. I have a band, and sometimes I make computer music, I play solo performances, I improvise freely, but it all lives under the same umbrella.”

Stream / purchase ‘Always Fine’:

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