Watch: SOAK – ‘Everybody Loves You’

SOAK has shared the video for her acclaimed new single ‘Everybody Loves You’, the first sight of new SOAK material since 2015’s debut album, Before We Forgot How To Dream. Bridie also performed the track for the first time on Ireland’s prestigious Late Late Show.

Director Joseph Wilson explains the video as following SOAK whilst she “navigates through a world of temptation before eventually succumbing and accepting the chaos and love into her life.” He adds, “the video expands upon themes from the song, and plays upon the idea of rejecting something that deep down you know you want; flowing from a straightforward narrative into a visceral, dream-like state, emulating the journey from reticent caterpillar into technicolour butterfly.”

With extensive global touring along the way – and extreme experiences which have taken her far beyond (but often back to) her close-knit hometown of Derry – Bridie has been hard at work on her forthcoming second album, which will see a release next year.

‘Everybody Loves You’ offers a window into the tightly-constructed world of SOAK’s second record, and also an unflinchingly-honest portrait of where Bridie (and, indeed, many of her generation who love easily, but struggle to love themselves) now arrive.

Still just 22 years old, ‘Everybody Loves You’ may firmly shake off any shackles of the skating teenage tomboy who first introduced herself with the timeless ‘Sea Creatures’, but it retains that alchemy of old-soul wisdom and youthful positivity which are quintessentially SOAK’s own.

Listen / purchase ‘Everybody Loves You’:

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