Watch – The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini ‘When We Dance’

The Colorist Orchestra & Emiliana Torrini have shared a new video for ‘When We Dance’. The single is one of two brand new songs that feature on a collaborative self-titled live album to be released on Friday 9th December. Watch the video below.

Emiliana describes the unique circumstances behind the song’s origin, “We had two days to write a song before the booked studio time.  We were in the Belgian countryside staying in an old barn, in the middle of a raging electric storm that lasted days. It was scary and exciting, the song was born in this thick humid electric air. So lyrically I left it there.  When my son and I were dancing before the writing trip he said ‘mummy when we dance together our mind shines’. I loved that so much that I kept it as the sentence the whole song would evolve around. I also kept the wrong grammar as that kept my son’s innocent voice in the song.”

The video for ‘When We Dance’ was made by Aarich Jespers & Anaïs Dyckmans, this was Aarich’s thinking behind the video; “I was playing with a couple of thumbnails and a magnet and I saw these thumbnails moving and sticking together! It made me think of people in a discotheque and on the other hand of vibrating molecules. The thumbnails where a little too complicated to manipulate and they look too ordinary to me, so I made little figures! I assembled parts from fishing floats, that I had collected for a long time, and suddenly these objects became funny individual characters. They where acting as real personages! More of a discotheque party than the vibrating molecules, but anyway… It made me smile and I thought that this was something that suits the song even more!

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