Watch: THUS LOVE ‘Repetitioner’

The countdown begins! We are mere weeks away from the debut full-length release from THUS LOVE. Memorial is out on Captured Tracks digitally October 7 then physically November 11th . The band have now released the latest single, ‘Repetitioner’ – a song that could be on a soundtrack of your favourite 80s cult film never made. Post-punk with indie-sensibility, the band says of the track: “Repetitioner is a recognition of patterns–a look at how habits are formed. We’re not always proud of our habits but sometimes there’s beauty in stepping back and recognising that these patterns make us who we are.”

THUS LOVE is a band—but also so much more. The Brattleboro, Vermont trio stand together, a bond cemented by their experience as outsiders looking in. For THUS LOVE, DIY is an ethos that reflects not only their musical vision but their very existence as three self-identifying trans artists. From the band’s inception, Echo Mars (she/her), Lu Racine (he/him) and Nathaniel van Osdol (they/them) have lived together under the same roof, designed and produced their own merch, and even created their own recording studio from scratch. “I realise that most artists don’t live this way,” says Mars. “But for us, it was never really a choice. The art we make is so tied to who we are and the community we’re a part of, that this is the only way we can possibly do it.”

Listen / purchase ‘Repetitioner’ here.
Pre-order / Pre-save Memorial here.

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