Watch: Xylouris White – Long Doll

The Forest In Me, the forthcoming LP from Xylouris White, is actually the work of a musical triumvirate: Giorgos Xylouris and Jim White, of course, as well as their long-time producer, Guy Picciotto. Recorded in isolation in 2020, the trio conjured cinematic sounds while physically remote from each other, yet these songs were constructed with a unique psychic connection unbound by location. 

‘Long Doll,’ the latest single from The Forest In Me, is music for a day we’d not anticipated – one of lightness and unimaginable solitude, as the world comes wholly into view. Episodic, impressionistic and ambient, the percussion-less, all-stringed affair finds George’s Cretan Lute rising up from from the depths, sparkling bright and spare, it’s folksy qualities almost banjo-like, with rests so calm, you’re likely to hear the sound of someone’s breath (as well as your own).

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