Announced: Daniela Lalita – Trececerotres EP + ‘No Para’

Daniela Lalita has announced the details of her debut EP Trececerotres, due out September 16th on Young. A direct reference to the apartment – 1303 – in Peru where Lalita grew up with her mother and grandmother, Trececerotres is rooted in magic, ritual, healing and the matrilineal relationship. The five-song EP features previously released single ‘Tenía Razón‘ and Lalita’s newest single ‘No Para.’ Premiering via a music video directed by Bradley & Pablo, ‘No Para’ sees Lalita dressed in her own hand-sewn garments, re-enacting a ritual she performed months prior in the same area. The video is shot at 16,000 ft. above sea level, during sub-zero temperatures, atop of the “Mirador De Los Volcanes” (viewpoint of the volcanoes) in Arequipa, Peru, the city that shaped her grandmother’s worldview. Watch below!

Every song on Trececerotres feels like a different mode of ancestral channeling. The Peruvian creative – whose practice spans music, costume design, film, performance and fine art – stretches her voice into raw guttural depths, reaching brutally emotional heights throughout the record to startling effect. A testament to a childhood talent of learning to do different voices for TV commercials as her first job, Lalita’s vocal distortions mesh together with drums, gnashing electronica and esoteric glossolalia to craft a sound both modern and mystical. Working with the buchla synth Lalita found a world without limitations of traditional scales, the instrument provided boundless experimentation for the artist whose practice of recording and layering vocals were implemented in the production of Trececerotres to craft a multiplicity of sonic worlds.

Listen / purchase ‘No Para’ here.
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