Announced: Milk! Records- Remixed Vol. 1

In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, Milk! Records proudly announces Milk! Records Remixed Vol 1. The label’s first remix compilation will be released on Friday, 12th May and filled with Milk!’s most beloved songs, crafted into something fresh by a collection of their favourite Australian musicians, artists and producers.

The first cut is a re-imagining of Liz Stringer’s ‘First Time Really Feeling’ by the team-up of renowned contemporary guzheng artist Mindy Meng Wang – who’s credited with collaborations with the Gorillaz and Regurgitator – and the Australian Music Prize-nominated Tim Shiel. Swerving in a completely opposite direction, the pair offer up an intricate mix of heavy electronic undertones, muffled vocals and traditional guzheng moments.

Stream / Download Milk! Records Remixed Vol 1here.

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