Announced: Spoon – Memory Dust

Out digitally on June 13, Memory Dust features three new Spoon recordings – the original songs ‘Sugar Babies’ and ‘Silver Girl,’ plus a cover of Bo Diddley’s ‘She’s Fine, She’s Mine.’

These aren’t b-sides. The recordings began during sessions for Spoon’s Grammy-nominated album, Lucifer on the Sofa, but were left unfinished. Following the record’s release and at the tail end of a year-plus of intense touring, the band came back to the sketches with renewed energy and fresh perspective. The completed tracks retain a touch of Lucifer’s character – rock ’n roll music, played in real-time – but stretched out hypnotically. 

Stream / Download ‘Sugar Babies’ here.
Prer-Order / Pre-Save Memory Dust EP  here.

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