Belle & Sebastian announce How To Solve Our Human Problems EP Series

Belle and Sebastian announce three new EPs under the umbrella title How To Solve Our Human Problems. To celebrate, they reveal the first single ‘I’ll Be Your Pilot’, which can be found on EP2. Listen below!

‘I’ll Be Your Pilot’ encapsulates the essence of the groups gentle attention to melody, and takes as its subject Stuart Murdoch’s young son: “Having your first kid is a huge event, so I wrapped a lot of things I felt about Denny into the song. Being a dad made me feel a little like the pilot in The Little Prince, hence all the references to the Sahara!”

The EP trilogy will culminate with a compilation CD and a limited vinyl box set containing all three EPs, with the option of a box just for EP3 for those who have already purchased 1 and 2. With the first EP coming out on December 8th, the second on January 19th, and the third on February 16th (vinyl and digital only).

For the three sleeves, the group issued a call to fans to come to be photographed by Murdoch at a studio in Belsize Park in North London. Fifty were selected, and all those photographed were also recorded answering the question: “How do you solve your human problems?”

How To Solve Our Human Problems is now available for pre-order here:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Stream / purchase ‘I’ll Be Your Pilot’:

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