Body/Head announce new album + share ‘You Don’t Need’

Body/Head, the duo of Kim Gordon and guitarist Bill Nace, will release The Switch, on July 13. Accompanying the album announcement is an early glimpse into its immersive, improvisational sound, pushing the limits of amplification, voice, and composition with the song ‘You Don’t Need’, listen below!

Their debut album Coming Apart, from 2013, was more of a rock record—heavy, emotional, cathartic, spellwork in shades of black and grey. The Switch is their second studio full-length, and it finds the duo working with a more subtle palette, refining their ideas and identity. Some of it was sketched out live, but much of it happened purely in the moment.

Working in the same studio and with the same producer as Coming Apart, here Body/Head stretch out, making spacious pieces that build shivering drones, dissonant interplay, Gordon’s manipulated vocals, and scraping, haunting textures into something that feels both delicate and dangerous.

The way the duo work together, you’d never know they spend so much time apart; on The Switch, their vision and focus feel truly unified. If Coming Apart was dark magic, The Switch works with light, though it never forgets that these approaches are two sides of the same coin, and that binaries—black/white, near/far, emotion/analysis, body/head—are made to be broken open, and that the truth of things is in the energy between. Pre-order The Switch here.

Stream / purchase ‘You Don’t Need’:

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