CASISDEAD presents ‘Park Assist’ featuring La Roux

DEADCORP®’s latest motion picture, to be released on the recently acquired XL Recordings / Remote Control Records.                                                                                           This feature is, of course, compulsory to watch and equates to one module of your contractual obligations. Watch one of our state of the art units track down cyber terrorist ‘The Red’, formerly known as La Roux. The intention is to convince the easily malleable public that she poses an imminent threat. The plan has already been implemented. Mind control supervised by Administrator 4. Directed by actor Ed Skrein. Possible future acquisition.

This message is to be viewed by those of level 6 clearance and above. If you do not have this clearance your IP address will be logged and reported.                                                      

DEADCORP® Cares About You.

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