Common Holly shares new single ‘Joshua Snakes’

Common Holly have released their latest single ‘Joshua Snakes’, from their new album When I say to you Black Lightning, out Friday 18 October .

Using sounds composed of quirky materials like bouncy balls, fidget spinners, and accidental recordings of roommates— an area where electroacoustic producer Devon Bate (Jean-Michel Blais, Jeremy Dutcher) thrives. ‘Joshua Snakes’ works through the themes of restlessness, jealousy, even mild obsession, and paints a picture of the damsel in distress tied to the tracks, but this time without the need to be rescued.

Common Holly’s second record is a look outward; an exploration of the ways in which we all experience pain, fear and self-delusion, and how we can learn to confront those feelings with boldness. A swift change of course, When I say to you Black Lightning couples submergence into the dark and dissonant with its consolation in harmony, and a dose of dry humour.

Through its 9 labyrinthian yet catchy tracks, shaped sonically by the seriously unique visions of Devon Bate, Hamish Mitchell, and Naggar herself, the album observes the complexities of mental health, the precarity of life, and the challenges of finding strength in the face of grave misunderstanding.

Pre-order When I say to you Black Lightning here.

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