Denise Le Menice shares ‘Lust’

‘Lust’ is the brand-new single from Melbourne-via-Sydney-via-Perth artist Denise Le Menice (AKA Ali Flintoff). It premiered on triple j Home & Hosed and sees DLM aim her sublime guitar-based dream-pop straight at the dance-floor.

On ‘Lust’ Denise Le Menice’s desire is set to four-on-the-floor rave-up, takes its lascivious subject-matter and presents it with a kind of purity and sweetness.

“Butterflies, I’ve got a belly-full… I hope I run into you… I’m in lust with you”

Catchy, post-psych-indie-pop, dance – ‘Lust’ is moreish. If you listen deeper you’ll hear elements of Madchester rave added to her oft-cited inspirations Kylie Minogue and Dandy Warhols. Ali says I’m obsessed with Kylie Minogue so I’m really just trying to rip her off. I don’t do her justice but I hope there’s room for a shit Kylie in this world.”

Spin around, here.

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