Everything Is Recorded release ‘10:51 / THE NIGHT feat. Berwyn & Maria Somerville’

Pure energy; stripped-back simplicity; a big Smog sample; creative spontaneity; two contrasting but equally vital new collaborators; the universal feeling of anticipation and excitement that fuel a Friday night out… these are the raw materials that make up ’10:51PM / THE NIGHT’, the new single from Richard Russell’s collaborative artist project Everything Is Recorded.

It introduces two new Everything Is Recorded collaborators in the form of Trinidad-born Londoner Berwyn (his first official release) and Galway’s Maria Somerville. It captures and narrates that “anything can happen” feeling we’ve all experienced at the moment the working week becomes a hazy memory and we launch into a Friday night, a snapshot from a longer story that Everything Is Recorded are exploring. It’s built around a sample from Smog’sHollow Out Cakes’, the latest in a line of musical tributes to BillCallahan from Russell. And it’s an enticing glimpse of what’s to come from Everything Is Recorded in 2020.


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