Gena Rose Bruce / Ayane Yamazaki split 7″ out now

Melbourne’s Gena Rose Bruce & Japan’s Ayane Yamazaki have teamed up to deliver a stunning split single The Way You Make Love / Kitchen Song out now digitally and on 7″ vinyl.

Ayane Yamazaki on covering Gena Rose Bruce’s ‘The Way You Make Love’:

We can jump over any walls, the language and the seasons, even if distances exist there, like Japan and Australia. Gena and I really enjoyed this project. We haven’t been able to see each other even once due to COVID19, but listening to her sing ‘Kitchen Song’, I felt so strongly that we were communicating with each other. It makes me so so happy, thank you Gena! Even though we are still in the middle of anxiety and fears, I hope this vinyl will be enjoyed in someone’s room, somewhere in the world. May our favorite music always be playing on our side.”

Gena Rose Bruce on covering Ayane Yamazaki’s ‘Kitchen Song’:

For me, covering ‘Kitchen Song’ was all about finding the balance of all the hidden gems and qualities I love about Ayane’s original song – in particular the way Ayane phrases her lyrics – but at the same time trying to make it my own sound. I love Ayane’s version of The Way You Make Love. Hearing my song covered in another language is wonderfully strange, it brings a whole new life to the song.”

Stream the tracks now.

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