Gruff Rhys announces Pang!

pang [ pang]


a sudden feeling of mental or emotional distress or longing:
a pang of remorse; a pang of regret
a sudden, brief, sharp pain or physical sensation; spasm:
hunger pangs.

Pang! the new album from Gruff Rhys, out Friday 13 September via Rough Trade.

It’s a pop album with a couple of verses of Zulu and an English title, which developed unexpectedly over about 18 months. It’s a solo album of songs by Gruff Rhys, produced and mixed by South African electronic artist Muzi.

Gruff explains “It started life as a folk reel and soon expanded into a ‘list’ song, listing various reasons for pangs; hunger, regret, twitter, pain, bad design etc. Using the English word pang in a Welsh language track may appear weird but I suppose it’s like using the French word ‘Magazine’ in an English song. In that it’s slightly pretentious but completely acceptable.” 

Watch the visual for the title track below.

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