Hana Vu releases new album Public Storage

Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter Hana Vu shares her new album Public Storage, her debut record on Ghostly International / Remote Control Records. Public Storage follows the release of the “ethereal” (NYLON‘Maker’, and the “quasi-darkgaze banger” (MTV‘Everybody’s Birthday’ and “satisfyingly fuzzy” (Stereogum‘Gutter’.

Public Storage expands on the sounds of Vu’s early work, underscoring her strengths as a songwriter with a deeper sense of luster, sophistication, and urgency. She calls it “very invasive and intense sounding music,” refreshingly out of step with contemporary trends; this is music to engage with rather than lean back to. For the first time, she welcomes a co-producer, Jackson Phillips (Day Wave), who helps Vu create a vast, grainy, multifaceted world to stretch into vocally, her distinct contralto drifting freely between evocative low-lit ruminations and soulful, skyward bursts. 

Purchase / Stream Hana Vu – Public Storage

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