Happy Rex Manning… I mean Record Store Day!

That exciting time has come around again, and it’s the 10th Annual Record Store Day tomorrow, Saturday 22nd April!

There’s a bunch of great special events, acts, prizes, and all round celebrations going about town – almost every capital city, along with many in regional towns. In fact, it’s the highest ever number of indie record stores in Australia announcing their participation yet!

You can find all the record stores near you that are participating in Record Store Day HERE, and search for any free gigs HERE that might be going on as well.

Below you can find our special releases for Record Store Day 2017:

Good Boy/Jarrow – Braap/Cody Split 7″
Limited to 300 worldwide – Black vinyl 7″ with a double front cardboard sleeve

Methyl Ethel – Architecture Lecture/Lagotto Romagnolo 7″ (Australian exclusive)
Limited to 1,000 worldwide – Black vinyl 7″ inserted in white inner sleeve and housed inside cardboard sleeve with art designed by the band. Features 2 original tracks that have never been physically available

Spoon – Hot Thoughts 12″
Limited to 2,000 worldwide – Black vinyl 12″ features the lead track from their new album ‘Hot Thoughts’ + 2 unreleased tracks that include a Dave Sitek remix of ‘Hot Thoughts’ and a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Letters’

Elastica – reissue of self-titled debut album
Exclusive expanded version re-released on vinyl with a fanzine and a flexi disc featuring ‘In The City’ from their John Peel session

Go out, support and visit to celebrate. There is no guarantee which products may be in stock locally, you may want to find a local Record Store and get in touch first. Alternatively, you can purchase from a Record Store that sells online, or purchase digitally from recordstoreday.com (which serves local record stores).

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