Homeshake announces new album Under The Weather & shares single ‘Vaccuum’

Toronto-based musician Homeshake, born Peter Sagar, has announced his forthcoming album Under The Weather out September 10 on SHHOAMKEE / Sinderlyn via Remote Control RecordsUnder The Weather, Sagar’s fifth studio album under the Homeshake moniker, is an atmospheric, 12-track reflection on the artist’s life and depression. Written in 2019, the album documents a long, unrelenting period of sadness for the artist.

To coincide with the album announcement, Homeshake is sharing the project’s first single. ‘Vacuum,’ is an introspective, downtempo track, and reflects the tender emotions on display on Under The Weather well. The new song comes alongside a surreal and artfully animated video directed by Jordan Speer and produced by Brain Dead Studios. Homeshake has had a longstanding relationship with the LA based streetwear brand, and the company produced all of the music videos for the record and collaborated on a special line of Under The Weather products. Vinyl for the record, which includes a limited edition Brain Dead colorway, is available for pre-order now.

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