Imperial Broads release new album Counterpart

Imperial Broads are a noisy, deranged, pop explosion led by three Sydney/Blue Mountains singer-songwriters who work together to make a delightfully raucous, urgent, and melodic sound. Comprised of Pip SmithEve Lande and Lauren Crew, the trio share their new album Counterpart, via Broken Stone Records / Remote Control Records.

The scene has already been set for the album with its three hook-laden singles, ‘Unromantic‘, ‘Control‘ and ‘Another Planet’, songs that show the range of three songwriters bringing their own unique styles to the band and collectively shaking them up into the unique and kaleidoscopic Imperial Broads sound. 

Counterpart was slow cooked over four years, with some songs dating even further back, and some songs only finished on the final day of recording.” explains Smith. “We three songwriters contributed four songs each to the album, four songs which show the vast range in our tastes and styles. From doo wop to art rock, to post punk, we never tried to smooth over the weird edges of our tastes, but embraced them and pushed them further.”

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