Introducing: b4 label + HAWA

Remote Control is excited to announce new label b4, a future-facing label that serves as an incubator for tomorrow’s most relevant artists. The music on b4 is a reflection of the genre-smashing landscape, where prior categories no longer apply.

Overnight b4 announced their first release – NYC rapper HAWA with her debut track ‘Might Be’. HAWA’s forceful bars glide over Tony Seltzer’s beats on the track that sets her strong, direct voice apart from her peers and establishes HAWA as a contender for the city’s next rap superstar.

Though this is HAWA’s first release, at 17 years old she has already lived many lives. Born in Berlin to West African parents, HAWA is currently finishing high school in Manhattan. As a preteen, she was one of the youngest-ever composers for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom she toured the world. But soon HAWA’s insatiable creativity became stifled by the classical world’s stuffy limitations so she broke out.

Stream / purchase ‘Might Be’:

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